03 September 2017

goodbye, august

I think one of the secrets to life is not allowing yourself to be troubled. Don't freak out. Stop stressing. Take a moment, and calm, please.

I think it's essentially what the mystics have been telling us all along: detachment. I might be wrong about this, but I think that's what St. Teresa of Avila means when she says to distance yourself from the world. Distance yourself from physical possessions, temporal friendships, petty (or even legitimate) hobbies, but also any form of worry. Worry is something you can be attached to, just like any of the other items named.


I write these words with all the authority of a college senior. Jk. But I am a senior now (time flies... I remember posting on this blog about the high school summer program) and these thoughts are good to reflect upon as I begin life again as a full time student with a 22 hour work week and a senior thesis that needs to be written. (Will I have a social life? Will I have more than 6 hours of sleep every night? Who knows.) Although, I'm always wishing I could write more.

Hello, September

19 March 2017

Dear Little Sister


I don't want to forget your smiles, your hilarity, and your personality manifested in your five year old self.

I don't want to forget coming home and seeing you grinning, running up to meet me while yelling my name.

I don't want to forget cuddling with you and just listening to you talk. Also, I love taking selfies with you. And yes, of course I will pour milk for you and make you breakfast and play games with you and take you to the pool or walk to the park.

You are so dear to me. I want to be the big sister to you that all little girls dream about.

I miss you. I love you.

your big sister
(inspired by Mariah)

24 January 2017


"You remember too much," my mother said to me recently.
"Why hold onto all that?"
And I said, "Where can I put it down?"
-- anne carson